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My Story 

I didn’t know what I did wrong. I couldn’t understand why I was always the object of my mother's rage. Why were my brothers being loved and adored while I was treated like my mother’s slave? I felt like Cinderella.  I was convinced I must have been adopted. From head to toe there wasn't anything right about me. I lived in fear of the punishment and that fear led to illness.  I was filled with anger and resentment well into adulthood. My career took off but I was seething underneath and it was affecting all aspects of my life. That is until I figured it out -  the secret to finding forgiveness.


My childhood trauma was the biggest gift in my life. Today my mother, who I only wished would disappear, is my closet friend.  

I am not alone. We all have a story. Due to the lessons
I learned from my own trauma I am able to help others. 

My Journey 

I'm a filmmaker/TV producer/writer/photographer/coach, and speaker. Was invited to give a TED talk. Along the way I was nominated for Emmys and even won one.  I talk about forgiveness and transforming difficult relationships into healthy ones. 

Following the outpouring of enthusiasm for my short, funny film MY NOSE about my mother's quest to convince me to have a nose job, I knew I had to make the feature film LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! It was the hardest and most important film I ever made. Humbled by awards, standing ovations and great press, I knew I had succeeded in my mission - to make a film that would help others. 


This film has become the centerpiece of a movement we are building called NO MORE DRAMA WITH MAMA. I teach through seminars, keynotes and workshops.

I began life as a graphic designer and went on to design multi-media shows and do corporate videos. Appreciated the awards I got along the way. There is nothing like validation.

Clients included Seagram, Volvo, Mattel and Adidas. Then I launched a TV commercial production company producing national spots for clients such a Pepsi, Pampers, and General Mills.

With a desire to tell stories, I gravitated towards documentary filmmaking. Started at a local PBS affiliate where I made Doumeni House and Octavia Butler.  

I went on to write, direct and produce documentaries for Arts & Entertainment, and Lifetime Television.  In addition, I produced for several stations including NBC, CBS and FOX and shows including AMERICA'S MOST WANTED and ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW. 

I've written screenplays and developed several dramatic films and non fiction series. Partnered with several companies including David Wolper, Robert Greenwald, Hearst TV and Dick Clark.

Interested in learning about all populations, I created reality shows about "little people" which aired on TLC and Discovery Health such as I'M PREGNANT AND MAYBE HAVING A DWARF and LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG CHARLIE.

I co-created a pilot for a new series called JUDGMENT DAY, which premiered on HBO. And created and hosted the video podcast ON THE TRAIL WITH GAYLE. I created the TV show MELTING POT.


A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY is my first personal documentary. It’s a wacky and poignant film about the positive bond between humans and their canines. It’s my story about my relationship with Chelsea, my canine soul mate. It premiered on HBO.

Been blessed with plenty of press from talk shows such as NBCs Today Show to features in The New York Times. "Dazzling self-confidence" Washington Post, "Hilarious Romp" Jewish Week, "Delightful, heartbreaking and real" Associated Press

I founded the Writers on Hudson, am a member of National Speakers Association, Producers Guild of America, Film Fatales, Womens Media Group and a judge for Emmys.

What they are saying about

Financial guru, television personality SUZE ORMAN tweeted the following to me and her 1.5 million followers.  

"Just wanted to say thank you to @glkirschenbaum. What a great movie! Helped me a lot. Everyone try to see her movie, "Look At Us Now, Mother"
- Suze Orman Financial Guru

"Lifechanging. It crosses all cultures. We are all part of this film. This film teaches us what never giving up means and it's never too late to say I love you. And teaches us all to forgive."

- Laura Slutsky PeopleFinders Founder