"The eye of Gayle’s camera magically captures the beauty, essence and drama of images that we all too easily overlook. Her sublime photos illuminate both  the natural world and the human condition with clarity, passion and joy. Her pictures are a visual odyssey that will truly inspire you."

         -Doug Segan, ER Physician and Attorney

"I was so moved by the COVID-19 exhibit that I found myself viewing It many times over. We have become so accustomed to bullying and wrath, infighting and misrepresentation, selfishness and greed, that we lose sight of our humanity. This beautiful exhibit shows us coming together.  Bravery, love, caring, and compassion are evident in the beautiful photographs. Gayle Kirschenbaum has captured people at their finest, at their most decent, and at their best."

                             -Judi Strauss, Realtor

All photos prints are signed limited editions.

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