"I liked Gayle’s photos so much, I bought two of them. They are a great addition to my collection of NYC street scenes.”   

                                              -Bruce Bernstein (collector)

"Absolutely gorgeous and thought provoking.”   

          -Marge Chirchick, Real Estate Agent Beverly Hills

"The eye of Gayle’s camera magically captures the beauty, essence and drama of images that we all too easily overlook. Her sublime photos illuminate both  the natural world and the human condition with clarity, passion and joy. Her pictures are a visual odyssey that will truly inspire you."

         -Doug Segan, ER Physician and Attorney

"Gayle’s photos are amazingly beautiful. Her shots of NYC are stunning. Don’t miss her “walk through”talks where she explains the colors and textures and why she took the photo. Her travels are worldwide."

                                 -Lizzie Brown

All photos prints are signed limited editions.

For more information please email Gayle@GayleKirschenbaum.com