Kirschenbaum presents revolutionary seminars and workshops about transforming difficult relationships into healthy ones and finding forgiveness. Explore difficult family relationships and how they are affecting all areas of your life including relationships at work.  Teaching others her method people embrace their power, achieve dreams they never thought they could, and experience freedom and joy in their lives.  It is like finally getting rid of an addiction that has been eating away at you for years.

Gayle offers a half day, full day and three day workshops.  She offers them for various educational programs, organizations, corporations, faith based, and wellness retreats such as the OMEGA INSTITUTE, OPEN CENTER in New York, JCC (Jewish Community Centers), and universities.  

Don't miss Gayle's events, online courses and workshops she offers in person and virtually. 

FEBRUARY 20th  10-4 PM

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"After watching Gayle's film LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! I signed up immediately for the workshop. I couldn't understand how is this woman ever going to forgive her mom."


"The tools we learned in this workshop could help beyond the mother/daughter relationship.  I am looking forward to Gayle's next workshop and to recommend to my friends.

I loved that it was virtual. I was able to be in my pajamas. The structure of was great!"
                      - Omi Diaz Cooper

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         "I had seen Gayle's movie LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! at a local theater and found that it registered so directly to my own life.
         When I found out about the seminars being offered I thought maybe one day. It was not something I ever saw myself attending. However, I knew I needed to discover tools to get through a very difficult time with my own mother.

          I signed up to attend a seminar online.

The time spent was so worthwhile

              If you have unresolved issues in your own life the seminar is beyond helpful. I gained insight into how to cope with difficult personalities by seeing these personalities differently and releasing myself of a burden.

        You can truly learn how to prevent a person from undermining you. 
        I learned ways to help me move forward to understanding and compassion, and away from confusion, resentment and anger towards my mother and myself. This resentment was only hurting me. We learned how to fill our minds with positive instead of negative thoughts in very constructive way. 

Devoting time to this effort is healing.

         The seminar has proved to be an important stepping stone in forgiving but not forgetting."

                                                                             JOY FELDMAN


"Gayle has something very special. The workshop was outstanding and should be given throughout the world."                                                             Jon Peters, Poet