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"Gayle’s images are simply blissful.

It has something to do with the way she frames the world - perfectly ordered yet filled with mystery; the way in which she uses color and shape-like characters in a novel. Her work is a balm for the soul."


 Film and Theater Producer (COLLECTOR)

"Gayle's brain is on fire with creativity and her photos vividly express her talent and imagination."


Editor and Publisher of Rick's Picks (COLLECTOR)

"I liked Gayle’s photos so much, I bought two of them. They are a great addition to my collection of NYC street scenes.”   




"I was so moved by the COVID-19 exhibit that I found myself viewing It many times over. We have become so accustomed to bullying and wrath, infighting and misrepresentation, selfishness and greed, that we lose sight of our humanity. This beautiful exhibit shows us coming together.  Bravery, love, caring, and compassion are evident in the beautiful photographs. Gayle Kirschenbaum has captured people at their finest, at their most decent, and at their best."



"Absolutely gorgeous and thought provoking.”   


Real Estate Agent Beverly Hills

"An invigorating collection that seeped
with visceral humanity, even if the
majority did not actually feature people."
-RILEY MCGRAW HILL- Honeysuckle Magazine


"I am blown by Gayle's photos. Her work is absolutely gorgeous, magnificent, and moving." 

       -DEBRA RAPOPORT -Artist/Hat Lady

"Gayle’s photographs of the Sunshine State’s natural beauty gives us inspiration and I pause to connect to the serenity from the intimate moments she captures.”



Pioneer of Digital Art

"What a fabulous exhibit. Subject matter, color, emphasis jump out of the frames with a painterly life. Each one is different. Each one superb."
-Jack Davidson/actor  (COLLECTOR)

My jaw dropped and my heart melted when I saw Gayle's show. Kudos!!"
 -Carol Szamatowicz/poet

"Gayle Kirschenbaum's photos are poetic and passionate visual memories of the places, nature, and the people. Gayle's eyes, her observations are special and unique and her camera-angles are perfect. Her photos without human beings in them, tell stories by their sheer visuals and the compositions bring deeply felt human joy and drama."


Filmmaker/Professor NYU

"Kirschenbaum's photos are gorgeous! Not only does she have a very keen eye, but the photos all have such life, and show such life. I felt uplifted as I was looking at them and carried that away with me afterwards."

-KEN TABACHNICK / Merce Cunningham Trust

"Gayle is one creative force of energetic talent. Her photos are stunning. My eye is enlightened and enthralled by her vision."  



"Gayle’s sensitivity, clarity and creativity is so evident in all of her photography. I love viewing each piece."




"Gayle’s photography is amazing. Her unique perspective and color palette make her photographs pure joy to behold."



CEO of Chindex International

"The eye of Gayle’s camera magically captures the beauty, essence and drama of images that we all too easily overlook. Her sublime photos illuminate both  the natural world and the human condition with clarity, passion and joy. Her pictures are a visual odyssey that will truly inspire you."


ER Physician and Attorney

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