NEW YORK, NY  2020

"What a fabulous exhibit. Subject matter, color, emphasis jump out of the frames with a painterly life. Each one different. Each one superb."
                                     -Jack Davidson/actor (Collector)

My jaw dropped and heart melted when I saw Gayle's show. Kudos!!"
                                -Carol Szamatowicz/poet

"Kirschenbaum's photos are gorgeous! Not only does she have a very keen eye, but the photos all have such life, and show such life. I felt uplifted as I was looking at them and carried that away with me afterwards."
-Ken Tabachnick/ED Merce Cunningham Trust (Collector)

"An invigorating collection that seeped
with visceral humanity, even if the
majority did not actually feature people."
Riley McGraw Hill - Honeysuckle Magazine (Collector)

"Gayle Kirschenbaum's photos are poetic and passionate visual memories of the places, nature and the people. Gayle eyes, her observations are special and unique and her camera-angles are perfect. Her photos without human beings in them, tell stories by their sheer visuals and the compositions bring deeply felt human joy and drama

      -Laszlo Santha/filmmaker/professor NYU

"I am blown by Gayle's photos. Her work is absolutely gorgeous, magnificent, and moving." 

                 -Debra Rapoport/Artist/Hat Lady

All photos prints are signed limited editions.

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