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"Helped me a lot." SUZE ORMAN

The day Look At Us Now, Mother! opened in the theaters in Southern Florida, Suze Orman, the financial guru, best selling author and TV host tweeted this out and started following me. I was deeply touched as she was only following 95 people then and had 1.5 million followers. One of her fans tweeted her immediately saying that she must have meant the film My Name is Doris as that film came out at the same time. She wrote back, "No, I saw Doris and didn't like it. I meant Look At Us Now, Mother!" Suze and I tweeted back and forth a bit trying to connect. Did not work out then due our schedules. I have heard from several "celebrities" who have seen my film how much it helped them and requesting more advice. It doesn't matter how much fame or fortune you have, if you were hurt by someone close to you when you were a child and have not forgiven them, it is only hurting you. You forgive for yourself. No one else. And never expect or wait for that person to acknowledge they have done anything wrong and say they are sorry. You can achieve great things in your life professionally but it doesn't mean you will be happy. How many extremely wealthy people are out there who are not happy? Know any? The biggest gift you can give yourself is the ability to forgive - to forgive others and to forgive yourself.

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